The Visionkeepers Summit

Connecting to Sacred Ways

September 20-23, 2018
Camp of Beauty, Ramona CA

Dear Sister,

My name is LeahRose Farber, founder of the Worldwide Women’s Circle, and the Director of Women’s Programming for Yraceburu Earthwisdom.

Do you have a vision for your life and the planet rooted in love, balance, and the “sacred”?

Do you have a deep inner calling that you simply can not refuse?

Or do you find yourself in a naturally caregiving role wherever you go simply because it nourishes you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I have a very special invitation for you today to join me and a network of powerful, conscious sisters from around the planet who are actively practicing what they preach, and supporting each other accomplish their life’s work…

I’ve devoted my life to connecting and empowering women from around the planet to step into their full feminine radiance, accomplish their life’s work, and rise together in sacred sisterhood – because I know that there is no faster way to accomplish our life’s work than to gather together in support of each other and the full expression of our power… and the healing of ourselves, each other, our communities, and the planet.

But before I continue and tell you more, I want to be clear: this is not an invitation for women who just want to get “high” or have another peak experience they can brag about.


This invitation is for women who are ready to get propelled forward in their life with the support of a powerful sisterhood at their back.

If this is you, keep reading.

If not, you can close this page right now.

Over five years ago I left a very significant relationship, a powerful career, and sold everything I owned because it’s what I knew I needed to do… it’s what was being asked of me.

And I listened.

Because I knew that if I didn’t listen, something inside of me would die…

… and the world would be less for it.

Luckily I had the support of my women’s circle to help guide me through the process. To pick me up when I needed support, provide healing energy, and to reflect my beauty and my power back to me when I doubted.

Because of that experience I have made it my life’s work to create safe spaces for women to connect with each other through in a good way, supporting our blossoming, healing, and to empower our lives and communities together, while getting the support, acknowledgement, and community we need to do it.

My sister, it’s time to spread your wings and FLY!

For over 30 years The Visionkeeper’s Summit has been inviting women like you from around the world to gather in traditional Native American ceremony and sacred sisterhood to relax, reset, open, and get the support you need to let your whole life flower.

Facilitated by myself, LeahRose Farber, Maria Yraceburu, a Native American Apache elder, and gypsy healer Lynda Yraceburu, we are once again offering this powerful, three-day event for our global sisterhood in collaboration with the World Wide Women’s Circle.

I invite you to take your place in the circle… the world is ready to receive your radiance, if you are ready to receive the support that’s waiting for you. All you have to do is claim it.

This is an in-person event and space is limited, so please click the button below to claim your spot in the circle.

“Hoya Camp was something I knew I needed to attend and it changed my life.  I went with a big question about who I was as a person living in this world and was the magic I experienced really real.  It is completely real as I found at camp.  Gathering with all these wild women who fully support who I am and how I experience life was so nourishing for me.  I have never felt more held and supported by the rituals and ceremony, which were simple and earth based but so profound.  I know I will go back.”

– Kelsey Lawford Trauma Therapist and Animal Communicator

“For the past several years this women’s camp has been a pilgrimage for the women of San Diego who made the journey to New Mexico. This year it is in our own backyard! As women our role is to hold the visions of the future for our community and this summit gives us the chance to gather and speak aloud those visions in a circle of powerful women. Early registration makes this experience very affordable. I just sent in my registration and I hope my friends will join me!”

– Veronicah Cohen San Diego, Ca

“The world needs more healing energy and I have felt the power that has been generated by women sitting in circle with conscious healing intent all around the world. The healing journey really begins within each and every one of our own selves, we are all carrying parts of the world’s wounds within our own souls and psyches.”

– Tara Hakemi Malawi Africa

What to Expect

When You Attend the Visionkeeper’s Summit

The Visionkeeper’s Summit is three full days of interactive ceremony, healing practices, and communion with sacred land during the September Equinox at the Camp of Beauty in Ramona, CA… you’ll leave completely “juiced,” filled up with energy so you can return to your life and life’s work with the confidence of a global sisterhood at your back.

We will focus on the three core initiations we travel through as women: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Each day you will open a deeper connection to these three archetypes, with the experienced guidance of Maria Yraceburu, Lynda Yraceburu, and myself, LeahRose Farber.

Attending the Visionkeeper’s Summit is like hitting the “reset” button for your mind, body, and Spirit. When you take these three days away from your “normal life” to focus on your growth, hone your vision, and connect with and get support from powerful sisters, you’ll leave with…

  • A strong network of conscious women actively practicing what they preach and forming bonds of love and transformational change for the good
  • A more powerful and purpose-driven outlook on your life and your life’s work
  • The “Eagle vision” and clarity with what to do next to further your life’s work and mission
  • A total nervous system “reset” through healing attunements, healing touch, and connection with sacred land and ceremony… away from the distractions of family, work, and technology
  • A “full tank” of energy you can bring back to the rest of your life, family, community, and work so you can continue to give your gifts to your full capacity
  • Powerful tools, techniques, and resources you can use in your own community to anchor your energy into the Earth and instantly create safe space wherever you go
  • A solid community of like-minded sisters, peers, mentors, and empowered women who understand what you’re up to in your life, the deep importance of everything that you do, who completely “get” you, and are ready to step up and help you accomplish your life’s work however they can
  • A renewed and undeniable sense of connection to something larger than yourself and the feeling that you no longer have to do everything on your own

Taking just three days out of your normal routine to gather in a sacred way makes anything possible in your life… especially with the community, mentors, peers, practices and support system to help you fly

During these three powerful days, you’ll join sisters from around the world in sacred ceremony to discover, practice, and master the tools, techniques, attunements, and initiations to:

  • Get your nervous system completely reset and re-attuned back to the natural pace of life, to the Earth, to Mama Gaia… reducing any stress and anxiety, nervousness and scarcity in all areas of your life: personal and professional
  • Eliminate any remnants of scarcity mindset that hold you back from receiving the full abundance that is available to you… everything you need to thrive is within your community, all you have to do is know what you need, ask, and you shall receive
  • Get a “Tech Detox” and connect to your body’s natural pace so you can bring these gifts back to your community and lead them from a grounded, centered, and supported place
  • Connect to the deep confidence and knowing that what you’re doing is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and that it’s enough… and exactly what’s needed at this timeembody the confidence of your work in the world
  • Relax into full and complete trust with yourself… your intuition, innate knowing, and inner wisdom-keeper
  • Receive support from empowered sisters who want nothing more than to see you fully express your deep inner passions and fully blossom in all areas of your life… start to radiate love from the support you receive
  • Anchor powerful healing energy into your body by immersing yourself in conscious, intentionally community and bring that energy back out into the rest of your life
  • Understand that you really can trust this much – clear any remaining doubts and insecurities that keep you trapped in old patterns of  playing “small”… and start playing the game that you’re really here to play
  • Receive guidance on exactly what steps you need to take to further your life’s work… and get the support, encouragement, reflection, and community to take them
  • Embody your natural grace and glide through your life with the confidence that comes when you’re completely surrendered to your inner calling
  • Get out of the “do, do, do” mindset that’s considered the “norm” and take a break from daily duties… while receiving sensitive, healing touch and physical nourishment in a safe container
  • Eliminate “purpose exhaustion” that comes from doing doing doing and never sitting down and taking a moment to just take care of yourself and relax, which is what you’re all about anyways and always reminding other people to do, right?
  • Get inspired by the reflections of the women around you at the event and the work they’re doing in the world (maybe even meet your next business partner!)
  • Get more energy to pursue your mission, have more bandwidth to do it because your energy isn’t going towards soothing your anxiety and stress… you’ll feel ready for action when the opportunities come to you
  • Create deep connections and partnerships with women up to big things in the world – maybe even find your next business partner or collaborative partner for your next project.
  • Get “juiced up” to accomplish your mission
  • Validate your work from other powerful women leaders who truly get what you’re doing and can reflect your blind spots to you with love
  • Be seen, acknowledged, and welcomed for all of you

Whenever I have gathered in a sacred way and truly relaxed into the container of a ceremony, I am propelled forward in my life in ways I could never have imagined… are you ready for the same?

To claim your spot, click the button below. Tickets are $222 until August 22nd and $333 thereafter.

3 days of events:

Friday : 1 pm – 10 pm
Saturday September 23: 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday September 24: 10 am – 5 pm

Lunch and Dinner provided



Circle Facilitation and Empowerment Activities with LeahRose Farber


Hands on Healing attunements and rejuvenation with Master healers

Stag energy

Initiations of the Maiden, Mother and Crone: ceremonies with Maria Yraceburu

Summit Leaders

LeahRose Farber

LeahRose is a powerful mentor for women in leading other women – complete with a web of support, the confidence to lead, and . . .

Maria Yraceburu

Maria Yraceburu was born in Los Angeles, and educated by the great Native American WisdomKeepers of the 60s and 70s . . .

Lynda Yraceburu

Lynda Yraceburu is a world reknowned as a lineage carrier and practitioner of the lost Gypsy Healing Art of Vas Pesh – HandWalking . . .

Additional Information


Catered lunch and dinner Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Lunch. Local, organic and meat, vegetarian or vegan options available.

Women’s Market

Bring your fabulous wares to sell in our Women’s Market.


There is no sleeping amenities available on site – but close by is

We will be assisting in placing women who are traveling into accommodations (at an additional price for accommodations).

Pricing & Sign Up


Stay Tuned

The fog has been lifted, there is no fear – Rise Up!