The world is waiting for your wisdom

The Women’s Circle movement needs YOU.  The revolution sparking in the hearts and souls of women, is a calling for women to claim their roles as the leaders of the feminine revolution. With the rising need of feminine leadership, there is a HUGE opportunity for women to step up as leaders in their communities and in the world.

Our courses are an opportunity to be trained and developed in your leadership by Master teachers in this movement. Claim your role in women’s circle and step out into the world as a coach, facilitator and agent of change!

The Luminary Portal is an initiation of Feminine Power. This is an invitation to a 6 month Mastermind Circle and Initiatory Process for Women on a Mission, Movement Makers, Leading Ladies and all around Leaders of Women

This 6-month course lead by Maria Yraceburu and LeahRose Farber is designed to empower each woman to look at their connection to Mother Earth and activate their power as they gather each month to make magic that facilitates global and self healing.

Coming in January 2018

Coming soon!

anything is possible

       with our free training

This training includes resources, guidance and a series of exercises and initiations to:

  • Build your circle from start to finish
  • Activate and Develop your leadership
  • Access your intuition with Divination and Visioning Tools
  • Build your community of women