VisionKeepers: The Art of Earth Ritual


Work with diyin (Holy One) Maria Yraceburu and take your rituals to the next level! LeahRose Farber is circle guardian.

Do you know yourself as a woman with Vision?

There was a time on the Earth, where women were revered as oracles within their communities. Women would come together and fulfill a prophesy by dreaming the New World together.

Over the years, the reverence for sacred women was lost. It was replaced with the separation, competition and judgement that we know today.

Mother Earth is alive and well. She is calling for more of us women with vision to remember her call. She is calling for more of us to remember our sacred vow to her.

“The Art of Earth Ritual” is designed to empower each woman to look at their connection to Mother Earth,  experience their power and be initiated into the ancient community of Visionkeepers: “Women Who Dream the World Awake”. We will spend 6 months with each other virtually, and at the end of our course, we will meet in person and facilitate a community ceremony together. It is gatherings like these that make magic and facilitate global and self healing. YOU will be one of our facilitators.

The Art of Earth Ritual is an example of this prophesy during these modern times. Explore this ancient work with a circle of women who are ready to experience REAL community and connection.  Many of us know how to be healers for others, but we usually do it alone or one on one. The world needs our power, and our power comes from a collective, co-creative place. With the Earth and with each other.

  • Experience the traditions of Women’s Earth Magic
  • Learn to track power through divination
  • Heal in circle with lots of laughter and empowering insights
  • Claim your role as a facilitator of Earth Magic

2018 Series • Dates – all classes are 6-8 pm PST on Zoom

March 27th

April 24th

May 8

June 19

July 17

Aug 14

Sept 11th

Our course topics include:

  • Women’s Ceremonial Tradition
  • 4 Annotations of Ceremony
  • Storytelling and Circle work
  • Care & Maintenance of a Visionkeeper
  • Divination & Ceremonial Charting
  • Selected Ritual & Totemic Empowerment
  • Ceremonial Preparation
  • Open Ceremony: End of October

(Note: This course will include an open women’s ceremony at the end of the year. Be prepared to pay for travel and related expenses!)