Sacred Badassery: Unleash Your Inner Fire


Sacred Badassery is an initiation of Feminine Power. This is an invitation to a 6 month Mastermind Circle and Initiatory Process for Women on a Mission, Movement Makers, Leading Ladies and all around Leaders of Women


Sacred Badassery: Unleash your Inner Fire

 “Well-behaved women seldom make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

These words are meant to celebrate women who make the world a better place. They give us permission to take risks, to go big or go home.


Woman! Let me ask you a few questions.

Are you ready to make some shit happen?

Where in your life are you taking on something new?

Do you have a big project you are taking on like a new business (online or brick and mortar), launching a program or building a community?

Welcome to Sacred Badassery.

Sacred Badassery is both an invitation and way of being.

As an invitation to really own your power and channel it as a force for change in your community and the world.

A way to be. Who will you need to be to use that power in the world? Being unwilling to do anything other than what your heart knows.

Because It’s time to stop playing small!

The secret sauce to completion has nothing to do with perfect branding, or a polished website. It’s actually you being connected to WHO YOU ARE that makes the difference in your success. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

In 6 months of Sacred Badassery, I promise you will:

  • Bring a project that you deeply care about into the world
  • Stand Powerfully your Feminine Leadership while you do it
  • Feel Confident that who you are and is enough and stand in your greatness as a leader of the Feminine Movement
  • Stay connected to your calling through the ups and downs of leadership
  • Get the tools you need to build connection, publicity and have your message heard
  • Increase your impact in the world by 100 percent
  • Find your tribe of women who are praying to work with you
  • Disappear any self doubt you have
  • Fulfill your project and calling in the world!

Bring something that you are passionate about into the world and experience yourself in your full magnetic Power!

Your Investment Options

One Payment

$1350.00 USD

Payment Plan Available: $350.00 deposit and $170.00 per month for 6 months


Wanna go deeper? Upgrade to VIP and get weekly support from me for just $1,700 USD

Payment Plan Available


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I am inviting women to join me in a transformational program that most likely will not teach you anything new. You already have all of the expertise, certifications, degrees that you need. This will not be a course teaching you how to build landing pages and market yourself – even though that may be a byproduct of you taking on your Sacred Badass.

This is an opportunity to REMEMBER what you already know, and get shit done while being the most beautiful, radiant and powerful woman in TUNE with your Badassery while doing it!

This will be a potent journey of connection, healing rituals, empowerment exercises, training and development. Between the Modules, Circles and the Personal One on One attention, we will address Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. We won’t miss any of it. And, at the end you will leave with the roadmap to have the impact you were born to have.

Part Mystery School and Part Mastermind, we will bridge the esoteric and practical.

This mastermind is not for everyone.

Women that have sat in my programs will tell you that you will need to be ready to change your life, because that is what is going to happen. You need to be willing to take on the coaching and implement it into your life.

I am not up for playing with women who are not ready to show up.

This has to be a total YES for you.

Here is a little about this offering:

  • The Sacred Badass Mastermind Circles: Because sometimes, you need to remember who the fuck you are
  • A Transformational Container: A place to come and learn, be vulnerable, be celebrated and accelerate what you are up to
  • Project Accelerator: Turn a project you have been working on or dreaming about into a reality
  •  Initiatory Process: Attunements and at home ritual to be incorporated into your life. This will help you integrate your BIG energy and embody your greatness
  • One on one Coaching: To hold you accountable during the ups and downs of this process, someone to hold your greatest version of you even when you can’t see it and follow it through until the end




Who am I? LeahRose Farber

I am a mentor for women who lead other women, complete with a web of support, the confidence to lead, and a way to bring powerful magic to the world. I founded The Worldwide Women’s Circle, an international movement that brings women leaders together all over the world on the same day in synchronous women’s circles.

I started it 3 years ago, with literally 0.00 to spend on a website. I used the power of SHARING to grow this project where it is now. To this day, 2000 women have sat in these circles. We have had women all over the world participate in leading these circles.  Little did I know, that this project would connect me to so many women, just like you, to bring my mission of Women’s leadership to the world. I believe it is women like you that will bring the change that this world needs. My international training program, Sacred Badassery (formerly the Luminary Portal), empowers women from all over the world to become women’s leaders in their own right.

I am a Master Healer, Shamanic Priestess and Wild Woman. I am also a practical business woman and wife. As a facilitator and coach I am raw, real and edgy. I have the life experience and certifications to be the badass you need to back you up. I don’t care about being the flavor of the month, I care about making a lasting impact for women in the world.

I am here to be your guide and mentor so that you may be the best leader, coach, healer and change agent you can be.

I don’t believe in the lies you tell yourself or the reasons or justifications you use to keep playing small. I don’t believe in the reasons why you can’t do something that calls to you.

My life is devoted to making a lasting impact for women in the world – just like YOU!

I know what it is like to struggle and fight. I know the importance of working through shadows of the personal development journey. I also know what it is like to complete healing and move on from trauma. I have been in the Shamanic, Coaching and Healing realm for over 15 years. My first spiritual wake up call came after a miscarriage in 1999, when I was 18. That experience forced me look at some really ugly parts of myself and make a choice between taking the road that many of my family members took of drugs and jail time or taking a different path. This question lead me to listen to the urge that I have had my whole life: to make a difference with women.

I do this work because I know that to my core, that powerful women are the change that this world needs now.  And I am here to guide others to be great leaders. I offer women the chance to be free. I offer women like me the space and understanding of claiming themselves freed from insecurities.

I am not here to sugar coat your healing or empowerment. Come to me when you are ready to face yourself. Come to me when you’re sabotage keeps getting in the way.

I stand on the shoulders of my teachers and mentors, and now you stand on mine.



Here is your opportunity to change your life and the lives of others.

“There’s no one like LeahRose! She’s just Amazingly dedicated to her offerings and to her students which in turns stirs your inner compass to recalibrate and be propelled forward! Well that’s my experience! I have loved being part of the Luminary program, I have learnt so much and I know that the rippling effects will continue on my journey. I feel very blessed that she found me and that I responded to the call. I am endlessly grateful.” Nandini, Canberra Australia


“LeahRose is a powerful leader, woman, and friend. I reached new depths within myself because of the container she holds and the intention she puts into everything. This has been an incredible circle. I can’t say enough about the sisterhood we’ve created. I’ll be forever thankful.” – Lisa, Santa Cruz

“What I want you to Know About LeahRose Farber. I have had the privilege of working with LeahRose in Circle, in a group and One on One, and she is Definitely someone you want to spend some time with ASAP!! 😊 The Offering she has placed before you is born of her Heart, her Soul, her Extensive Teachings, her Deep Wisdom and her Innate ability to Lead Women. Or more simply, this Chick Knows what she is doing!!

If you are even minimally called to up level your Role as a Woman in this world and/or within the Worldwide Women’s Circle then I Highly Recommend you accept this beautiful and Powerful Offering!! Just sayin, Ladies. 😊”
– Kerrin McIntosh, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Program Details:

Personal Attention:

 One on One time with LeahRose: 6 40 minute calls with LeahRose

 This private coaching is for women who are ready to accelerate their growth. They are ready for the miraculous to occur while in the container of the Luminary Process.

 With private coaching, you will be effective (even unstoppable) in any area of your life that you want to focus on.


The Sacred Badass Mastermind Circles: There is nothing more powerful than a group of women who stand for each other. These circles will be a journey of diving deep together. You will create connections with women from all over the world. These connections will help to juice you up and give you the inspiration, healing and fuel your soul needs for evolution.

Skillset Open Virtual Office Hours: Once a month you will: have access to me to  work on your homework, ask questions and receive support (on the Zoom platform).

Secret Facebook Group: A place for sharing, connecting and practicing together.

Monthly Healing and releasing Rituals: Attend via Facebook Live in our group. I will do ceremony on your behalf every month.

“Leah Rose Farber continues to motivate me to be my version of what a leader is, which is essentially being the best version of my woman self I can be!”
– Kelsey Lawford


The Journey:

A 6-month Mastermind Circle and Initiatory Process for women on a mission, movement makers, leading ladies and all around leaders of women. I am giving you the curriculum here, however, please note that I reserve the right to change the curriculum as this is not a linear journey and there must be room for rest, and new information to be given.


Module 1: Feminine Power: Your leadership

In this module, we will jump right in and discover the roots of Feminine Power. We will begin to unplug from what is draining you in your life. We will clean up and clear out the crap that is in your way, leaving you space to create.

  • Your leadership roots
  • Working with your leadership archetype
  • The Source of your power
  • Taking your power back
  • Clearing out the Mucky Yuck
  • Sharing: Your access to Transformation

Module 2: Claiming your Greatness

During this Module, you will learn about who you are as a leader. You will discover your deepest desires and the road map to get you there. We will start to uncover your messaging. What is your gift to the world? Who are you? We will start to learn how to speak that out into the world.

  • Who am I?
  • What is my message and unique essence for the world?
  • Putting your identity to work
  • Claiming your greatness: Shadow Work
  • Listening: how to listen
  • Life Affirming Rituals

Module 3:Claiming Your Greatness Part 2: Pussy Power!

During this Module, you will discover how to overcome self doubt, or anything that shows up when claiming your greatness.

  • Pleasure: The feminine fuel
  • Working with circles
  • The Art of Being
  • Rituals for group work and Mother Earth
  • Holding space and coaching techniques

Module 4: Get Visible; Fail Fast; Be Unstoppable!

In this Module, you will create a media kit, and learn how to score interviews, magazine articles and get on podcasts or even get on TV. You will be confident in your message and begin to share it with the world. You will launch your Mission, Community or Programs.

  • Explore building community
  • Claim your expertise, and start to share with your community
  • Learn the art of connection through storytelling
  • Launching programs: online and offline

BONUS: You will be interviewed LIVE on my show: Voices of Women Worldwide

Module 5: Badass Mastery.

During this Module, you will be anchored in this community as you go out and grow your own. You will put aside your fear of failure and get “into the zone”. Experience yourself as you have never known.

  • How to hold deep space for group work
  • Set strong containers for transformation
  • Resonance Training: Create connection in an instant
  • You will be working with clients at this point in the program!

Module 6: The Legacy and Initiation of Sisterhood

In this module, we will take all of the lessons and bridge them for the future. This is your legacy and your initiation of the Sacred Badass. Think, harvesting the fruits of your labor.

  • You will be initiated as the Sacred Badass you are!


Bonus Material and Support

Publicity: How to Get seen and create partnerships that last
  • Uncovering your unique message
  • Utilizing tools and technology to get your message out
  • Creating communities where you stand out as the expert
  • Starting or growing your business.

Setting up Programs and Business Structures:

  • Create a program using your distinct set of certifications and calling
  • Business Structures
  • Money: What to charge and what you will need to spend
  • Bookkeeping and Taxes: Setting your business up for financial integrity

Group Facilitation Secrets:

  • Tools and tips for holding space
  • Coaching Magic
  • Resonance Training: Create connection in an instant

The Sisterhood:

  • Plug yourself into a magical container of sisterhood
  • Be the clearing for powerful sisterhood to happen
  • Heal your own sisterhood wounding


Optional Upgrade

Worldwide Women’s Circle Circle Leaders Certification:

Show up for the leadership call for cycle 2

Lead a Worldwide Women’s Circle on June 23rd, 2017.

$250.00 flat rate Upgrade

  • Get the tools and maps you need to confidently facilitate women’s circles with different themes as well as group ceremony and ritual
  • Learn cutting-edge techniques, group rituals and experiential processes that make a difference with women.
  • Learn how to use the group dynamic to create breakthroughs for others.

Feel into your belly, your your pussy. Ask yourself if you are willing to receive the gift of this opportunity. What are you committed to in your life? This is the support that YOU need to make that happen.

I have personally been in sisterhood mastermind circles like these for years. I have paid for up to $4000.00 for these programs. I want to keep this accessible for everybody, so I am keeping the price low and offering monthly subscriptions.

Belonging to these masterminds is the #1 secret to my success. There is no better way to get the results you need than joining a group of successful, passion filled women dedicated to making the world a better place.

If you are ready to collaborate and create sisterhood with some incredible women across the world, build financial abundance for yourself and make a tremendous impact in the world, then join us and claim your spot as a Sacred Badass. Let’s go to the next level!.




Your Investment Options

One Payment

$1350.00 USD

*Circle Facilitator Upgrade is $250.00 and can be paid up front or during the months of May/June if you decide that circle facilitation is right for you.

Monthly Subscription

A deposit of $350.00* (not refundable) and a monthly subscription of $170.00

*deposit can be split into 2 payments. Please note, that if you choose this option, but do not make the whole course, you are still required to pay for the full amount agreed upon (1350.00).


This mastermind is not for everyone. Women that have sat in my programs will tell you that you will need to be ready to change your life, because that is what is going to happen. You need to be willing to take on the coaching and implement it into your life. I am not up for playing with women who are not ready to show up. This has to be a total YES for you.


Sacred Badassery is for women who are ready to SHOW UP FOR LIFE!

Will You Be There?

“Psst…..hey you?! Yes you, future leader, you will definitely experience your greatness in this course!!! I found it really allowed me to fully see myself and what I mean to the world, also gave me a fabulous foundation and loads of confidence! If you are on the fence about this class….it’s worth every penny, because you are worth every penny!! LeahRose is warm, caring, challenging and authentic! She gives all of herself into this course….so if you haven’t jumped, do it for the most important person in the world….YOU!! You’re worth it!!
– Jesse Canata, San Diego, Ca, USA

“Life changing ! From one Bad ass to another… LeahRose Farber will make you do your work so you can shine on and continue to help other women to do the same. Aho!
– Shannon Brede, BIg Island, HI, USA


Course Dates

Module 1 Saturday  4/07/2018 12 – 4 PM PST
Sacred Badass Circle Thursday 4/12/2018 12 – 2 PM PST
Module 2 Saturday  4/28/2018 12 – 4 PM PST
Sacred Badass Circle Thursday 5/10/2018 12 – 2 PM PST
Module 3 Saturday  5/19/2018 12 – 4 PM PST
Sacred Badass Circle Thursday 6/14/2018 12 – 2 PM PST
Module 4 Saturday  6/16/2018 12 – 4 PM PST
Sacred Badass Circle Thursday 7/26/2018 12 – 2 PM PST
Module 5 Saturday  7/14/2018 12 – 4 PM PST
Module 6 Saturday  8/11/2018 12 – 4 PM PST
Sacred Badassery Initiation Tuesday 8/21/2018 12 – 2 PM PST