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We invite you to become a part of the Worldwide Women’s Circle Alliance!

We welcome worldwide women’s circle leaders, women’s circle leaders of other lineages, coaches, business owners, change makers, artists, organizations and businesses to collaborate with The Worldwide Women’s Circle Alliance to make a positive change in the world, promote feminine leadership and grow our collective leaders to over 10,000 by September 2017.

We welcome new and old collaborators, ideas and partners. Contact us and together we can explore new directions, excitement, innovation and shared successes.

Here are the benefits of the Worldwide Women’s Circle Alliance:

  • Worldwide visibility and exposure on our website
  • 25% OFF on our courses and retreats
  • Use of our past and future research, articles, videos, logos for your website and marketing material
  • Our first 12 Alliance members in 2017 will receive extra exposure through a mini commercial during our monthly Moon Lodge
  • Have a passionate team and staff working on your behalf towards building a strong worldwide network of 10,000 women or more by September 2017.

An annual fee of $199.00

Fill out this application below and pay your 199.00 fee to become an alliance member!

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  • What do you see is possible by becoming a part of the Worldwide Women’s Circle Alliance?
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  • What are you in need of most?
  • How can the WWWC help you?