Circle Day: the 5 essentials of Circle

This is it. And it is Perfect.

Give yourself time and space to be. The energy is already alive. Give gratitude for this day. Give yourself enough time to rest and get things done.  The most important advice I can give you is not to stress.  Everything is going to be perfect, even if it may not look like it right now!

Remember your Circle Dreaming Worksheet? Get it out and look at it.


Your Circle: 5 Essentials of your circle

Every 90-120 minute circle has these 5 elements:

  • Resonance: A group drop in
  • Opening: Have everyone share their name and what their intention is for the day
  • Activity: This could be a song, art, a guided meditation, a dance etc.
  • Circle Share: See talking circle guidelines
  • Closing: The circle is open, but remains unbroken!


Facilitator Self Care Checklist:

  • Is your intention set?
  • Is your space set?
  • Have you invoked the guardians by saying the Worldwide Women’s Circle Prayer?
  • Have you done enough self care?
  • Have you eaten?
  • Did you do your detox bath? (recipe below)

Self Care: Detox Bath Recipe

1 lb or rock salt to 1 lb of baking soda in a bath as hot as you can stand it. The Baking Soda and Salt take away all of those negative ions in your body. Doubt, guilt, not feeling good enough, trouble at home? Let all of this wash away.


Talking Circle Guidelines

An exercise in conscious speaking

Anyone can sit down and have a conversation. What makes a conversation versus a talking circle different is that in a talking circle, each person knowingly enters the talking circle with an intention and an awareness of our words.  I like to think of talking circles as an active meditation. Both acts of listening and speaking are part of this experience. It takes a lot of compassion, resonance and presence to make this happen.

P.S. It is a great idea to read this over with your participants, so they begin to learn this too.


  • Create the Space: You will be sharing with the women what a talking circle is.  You will be outlining how we are speaking and listening.   This is a safe space, where freedom of expression is honored.  
  • This is a circle with a spiritual center: We speak into the center of the circle.  This is where we all meet. This will energetically set the talking circle.
  • Confidentiality: All personal information shared within the group is strictly confidential, never to be brought up again, except by the speaker, if and when, she chooses.
  • Talking Piece: Make your circle a talking piece.  This can be a stick, a stone, a feather etc.
  • The woman with the talking piece is the only one talking.  All eyes and ears are on the speaker.
  • Speaker: Speak from the heart.  Don’t worry about what you are going to say.  Let it come from you.
  • Speaker: No put-downs of yourself or others. We are not here to blame, we are here to celebrate life in all of its ups and downs and support each other. No advice to the other sisters who have shared previously.  
  • Speaker: Speak from your own experience, using “I” statements. We are here to be 100% responsible for our lives, decisions and actions.  No victim mentality here!
  • Speaker: When you are finished, you will complete, so that everyone knows you are finished.  Examples are “Thank You”,  “Aho”, “And so it is” “Blessed Be”etc.  The women in the circle will also complete their listening for you by calling back.  “Thank you”, “Aho” “And so it is” etc.  
  • Listener: Be in the room. Pay complete attention. All eyes on the woman talking.
  • Listener: Listen respectfully and nonjudgmentally. When you catch yourself judging her or thinking about what story you are going to tell, or what you are going to eat after the circle, BREATHE, and drop it. This one may take time
  • Speaker: When you are finished, you will pass the talking piece.


  • Please take photos of your altar and your women!
  • If you want to join in on the community fun with women around the world, join our facebook group Worldwide Women’s Circle, and let us know how it went!
  • Enjoy! Have fun!  
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New Council 2

Bio Coming Soon!

Heather Lusky

Bio Coming Soon!

Isidora Popovic

Isidora Popović, born on 9th June 1991, is an activist, nature lover, bioenergy therapist and creator of medicinal and herbal products & natural cosmetics ( She is a big supporter of WorldWide Women’s Circle vision which she holds circles in her country of Croatia.

Isidora dedicates her life and actions for her community and people, dreaming one day the vision of a healing centre in nature to spread intuitive knowledge and wisdom of human’s heart with people, especially with kids and women. Isidora does education about medicinal herbs of her tradition to women and children, and produces medicines in will to help people keep their health or heal already manifested physical diseases. After 6 years of life in nature she takes step to educate herself in things she finds important for her community, especially Somatic experiencing & Trauma healing, with the intention to help people with war and other traumas, as she lives on area where war was 20 years ago.

She is a single mother of two little daughters. She loves to be creative and adores intuitive singing. She is a WWWC Leader & Luminary for Croatia and is willing to inspire you all out there who still have doubt and fear of making the seed of your own being alive and blossom throughout existence and life itself !

Contact Isidora

Ioanna Margaroni

Since I can remember myself, I have always sensed the nurturing embrace of the Divine Feminine. Holding sacred women’s circles allows me to create a safe space for women to re-member their beautiful and radiant essence and spread healing throughout the world. For this reason, I am dedicated to restoring trust and strengthening connections between women.
In 2016 I received The Rite of the Womb and became a Womb Keeper. The womb is a powerful source of manifestation and through womb energy-work women can once again become empowered co-creators of their lives.

Through bodyART , yoga and Thai massage, I help women reconnect to their bodies. Currently, I am exploring the yoga of sound, through chanting and the yogic harmonium, feeling for the subtler sensations and incorporating these in my classes.

As a crystal healer, I can only say that these magnificent creatures have always attracted me. I “dive” into their colors, I breathe their healing essence and meditate with them. I bow in gratitude for they are powerful allies in my healing sessions.

In search of deeper healing I turned to Reiki (2 nd degree) and also became a certified Soul Realignment practitioner, as a way to help my clients clear past blockages and restrictions and live a lavish and magical life.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” (African Proverb)

Doraly Espinoza

Bio coming soon!

Kerrin McIntosh

My container is big enough to bring all of me and all of you together into a Sacred Space. In this space, you are Loved, and Seen, and accepted…where you are. From this place, we Begin.

Veronicah Cohen

Veronicah leads Tiger Lilies Circles for preteen and teen girls. She is also the acting president and board member of The PassionFruit Project. To learn more about Veronicah please visit

Kelsey Lawford

Kelsey has dedicated her life work to help women heal and grow from past trauma and all it’s side effect, addiction, depression, anxiety etc with Earth Life Counseling, Integrative Breathwork, Intuitive Healing and Yoga.

She runs programs, retreats and coaching online and in person. Find her work here

Lynda Yraceburu

Lynda Yraceburu is a world reknowned as a lineage carrier and practitioner of the lost Gypsy Healing Art of Vas Pesh – HandWalking. She received training in the Quero Apache Tlish Diyan – modality of the Snake Clan, and combined both traditional teachings, with the clinical knowledge of orthodox medicine she received during her pioneering years as a CardioVascular X-Ray Technologist for Stanford. Yraceburu has practiced her unique style of healing work – Body Wisdom – since 1995. Articles have featured Lynda’s unique talent & gift from northern California’s Sonoma County Womyn’s Voices, to UCSD as an Anthropology Student’s dissertation paper.

Today, Lynda teaches through Yraceburu EarthWisdom a non-profit eco-spiritual community she co-founded. She is an earth spirit photographer whose images have illustrated numerous magazines, including Mystic Pop, Beltane Papers, Sharman’s Drum, and Sedona Journal, as well as 7 books. She has a book, Where Spirit Lives, in negotiations with publishers, which conveys the actual sensation of Earth’s living spirit.

Maria Yraceburu

Maria Yraceburu was born in Los Angeles, and educated by the great Native American WisdomKeepers of the 60s and 70s.  In 1996 she joined with life partner, Lynda Yraceburu, and continued her work in the study and teaching of EarthWisdom.  In 2002, with members of her extended family, Yraceburu EarthWisdom, a nonprofit eco-spiritual community was founded, and in 2009, at the invitation of tribal family, Maria and Lynda moved to New Mexico to reconnect to ancestral lands.  In January 2017, they returned to San Diego county, where their ranch serves as a center for hundreds of students to immerse themselves in multi-dimenisonal relationship activities Maria teaches through.

In 2004, Maria Yraceburu received the most intense initiation of her life, being struck by lightning while facilitating vision quest for women on sacred Apache land.  Since this time she has channeled many and varied teachings, some of which have been published in Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache, SpiralDancing Life, and Touched by the Clouds.  Her teachings are shared worldwide.

LeahRose Farber

LeahRose is a powerful mentor for women in leading other women – complete with a web of support, the confidence to lead, and a way to bring their powerful magic to the world. She is the founder of the Worldwide Women’s Circle, an international movement that brings women leaders together all over the world in synchronous women’s circles. Her international training program empowers women all over the world to become women’s leaders in their own right. LeahRose is a Master Healer, Shamanic Priestess and Wild Woman. She is also a practical business woman and wife. “As a facilitator and coach I am raw, real and edgy. I have the life experience and certifications to be the bad-ass you need to support you on this journey. My life is devoted to making a lasting impact for women in the world.”