Women will Change the World! Be on the forefront of empowering women by leading circle.

We want as many women to experience circle as we can. Women are the key to ushering in the new world, and we want you to be there with us. Be the change you wish to see. Invite women to circle.

LeahRose Farber, founder of the Worldwide Women’s Circle, facilitates this very easy training on how to create and lead your own circles.



– Learn the 4 simple steps to get your circle happening.

– Create your dream circle with the Circle Dreaming Worksheet

– Get the 5 essentials to every circle, plus talking circle guidelines

– Receive a transmission on creating resonance in a circle

– Reminders on how to take care of yourself as a facilitator


Step by Step Guidance on Dreaming and Creating your Circle from start to finish


Learn how to create resonance in a circle and use the circle guidelines that will keep the container of your circle strong.

Self Care

Know how to keep your body, mind and spirit strong when leading circle

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