2 years ago, on International Women’s Day, 22 circles all around the world came together. Women, who did not know each other. Women, who heard the call and followed it. Women, who were standing for something greater than themselves.

And this was the beginning.

Since then, our tribe has grown. Women have come and gone. And many are still here. We are still all connected.

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate 2 years of the Worldwide Women’s Circle. Our leaders are the core of this movement, and we deepen our bond together as women of the Earth.

“You grow a movement from the bottom up not the top down.”  – Bernie Sanders

My name is LeahRose Farber and I believe in a movement. I believe in the Third Wave Women’s movement. And like Bernie says, we have built that movement from the ground up.  Women have had to fight to have the privilege that we have now, and we still are not even close to being done. I will not take for granted what these women fought for. I would rather honor their hard work by being the continuance.

Movements are important because they ignite people deep in their root chakras, and there is this tribal activation that happens.  People feel like they are a part of something. That feeling of something missing, is especially strong for women because we are naturally wired for connection.

Keep this movement alive:

We must gather. We must give each other a minute of our precious time and energy.  We must make time for this form of connection.  We are the continuance the women who sat in circle before us, and the women before them.=

We will give the women a voice. And ask them what she wants in the world.  And let her speak our future into being. Sitting in circle sparks something inside of a woman. When she can really give herself to the conversation and be open to the magic of circle, she will leave inspired. She will be so inspired that upon leaving she will tell her friend, she will make amends with herself or others and she will see the world through new eyes. She will be working towards a world transformed.

Be a part of our movement:

Sign up as a circle leader and put yourself on the map

LeahRose Farber is a women’s circle leader, circle leader mentor and the founder of The Worldwide Women’s Circle.