Worldwide Women's Circles

Our Vision

Our vision, is that women come together.  We celebrate each other instead of judge.  We celebrate rather than compete.

Our vision is that women will come together around the world on the same day globally and sit in circle with each other. We invite women of all women’s circle lineages to participate with us. We inspire women to do something greater than themselves.

We see women stepping up into their full leadership and taking action in the world, when they normally would not! We see women who have been in conflict with each other speaking again. We see mothers and daughters being reunited. We see the feminine flow in the world returning to its strength. We see women taking more risks with their lives. We see women getting out of toxic relationships. We see women returning to their power. We see women getting over competition and jealousy. We see confident woman standing for each other!


Who runs The Worldwide Women’s Circle?

The effort that goes into supporting the Worldwide Women’s Circle community is done by the Circle Leaders themselves: these women come from all over the world.

LeahRose Farber had a vision of the WWWC in early 2015, while brainstorming ways to impact her community, and continues to help the Worldwide Women’s Circle pursue its vision as Executive Visionary of the organization. We work side by side to bring this vision to fruition.


LeahRose Farber

LeahRose Farber : Visionary

Pacifica, CA, USA

Kelsey Lawford

Kelsey Lawford: Fire Starter

Neskowin, OR, USA

Veronicah Cohen

Veronicah Cohen: Fire Tender

San Diego, CA, USA

Kerrin McIntosh

Kerrin McIntosh: Circle Guardian

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Maria Yraceburu

Maria Yraceburu: Storyteller

San Diego, CA, USA


Doraly Espinoza: Oracle

El Granada, CA, USA

Ioanna Margaroni

Ioanna Margaroni: Womb Keeper of the Women

Athens, Greece

Isidora Popovic

Isidora Popovic: Womb Keeper of the Earth



Kerrin McIntosh

Edmonton, AB, Canada


Lisa Navarra

Silicon Valley/Penninsula, CA, USA

Jessica Canata

Jammin Jesse

San Diego, CA, USA

Shannon Marie Brede

Shannon Marie Brede

Hawaii, USA

Kisitjana Vucetic

Kristijana Vucetic


Isidora Popović

Isidora Popović


Ioanna Margaroni

Ioanna Margaroni


  • You don’t need to be trained or have any prior experience. Reach out to a circle leader below.

  • You don’t need to be trained or have any prior experience. Sign up on map below.

  • WWWC wants to help you be your most empowered feminine. Learn about our trainings.

Join the WWWC

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Here are the benefits of The Alliance:

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  • Our first 12 Alliance members in 2017 will receive extra exposure through a mini commercial during our monthly Moon Lodge
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