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September 22-24th, 2017.

Worldwide Women's Circles

The Worldwide Women’s Circle is an international movement which utilizes the ancient tradition of the women’s circle.  We offer women the gift of community and help each one become the kind of leader the world needs now.  Behind this mission is a deep desire to support women who are making a difference in the world.  This is an important time in human history and there is an urgent need for women to gather and organize.

As part of the Worldwide Women’s Circle, we synchronize our circles four times a year and stay continuously connected through virtual leadership circles, leadership courses, and Facebook groups. Since March of 2015, we have had over 80 women lead circles all around the globe and have brought over 850 women together in circle.

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  • You don’t need to be trained or have any prior experience. Reach out to a circle leader below.

  • You don’t need to be trained or have any prior experience. Sign up on map below.

  • WWWC wants to help you be your most empowered feminine. Learn about our trainings.

2017 DATES


March 19th, 2017


September 2nd, 2017


June 10th, 2017


December 9th, 2017

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  • The Worldwide Women’s Circle believes that our words are the most powerful magic. The agreements that you make with us and yourself we hold as sacred. By signing yourself up as a circle leader, you are making the following agreements: You are saying yes to being a leader in the WWWC lineage. You agree to lead a fee free circle in your community. If you will not be able to fulfill your agreement as a circle leader, you agree to let LeahRose and the team know. You will participate in the leadership circles. You are responsible for making sure you have the dates in your calendar, and know how to log on to the circles. You commit to being on time at each circle, resourced, fed and ready to participate! You understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your own physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being. You will resource yourself and ask for help when you need it. You will be active on Social Media. You understand Worldwide Women’s Circle training is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental or physical health care or substance abuse treatment. You understand that (LeahRose Farber and other future mentors) and anyone else involved, are not licensed therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses or nutritionists. You are devoted to healing your wounding with women, with yourself, and with your sacred path. You won’t withhold resentment in this circle, or deny your triggers. You agree to use your triggers as opportunities to go deeper and reveal the original root issue in your history and self. You devote yourself to the Highest Good.
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Ready to elevate your leadership?  Calling all women’s circle leaders, coaches, mentors and women making a difference. LeahRose Farber guides this life changing training and development course. Make an absolute impact on your practice while you develop who you are for the world.

This 6-month course lead by Maria Yraceburu and LeahRose Farber is designed to empower each woman to look at their connection to Mother Earth and activate their power as they gather each month to make magic that facilitates global and self healing.

Our monthly ceremonial gatherings are a unique opportunity to connect you to the collective magic that is created when women gather in circle. These circles will leave you feeling juiced up, empowered and plugged back in.


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This training is a series of initiations, exercises and guidance to take your circle from start to finish.

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This training includes resources, guidance and a series of exercises and initiations to:

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